NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!! Our new laundry detergent and dish soap powders are here! Enter the code STARTMEUP at checkout to get 50% off our new shaker bottle dispensers with each purchase of a refill pouch.

How it Works (2.0)

Plastic Free, For All...

Hi Friends! You may have noticed we're doing some things a little differently these days. We'll be launching our new website soon and giving you even more details about the future of The Better World Company. For now, please enjoy these little bits of info about our new products.

  1. Refill.

    Lightweight, waterless formulas in low-impact, zero waste packaging.


  2. Reuse.

    Dispensers and bottles are used over and over. No more single-use nonsense.


  3. Relax.

    Order online. Products are shipped right to your door. Don't stress about wasteful pretty much takes care of itself.

Now we have a few ways to go Zero Waste. They're all so good it's impossible to pick a favorite. 

Powder to Foam - Bath, Body, & More

Waterless formulas that actually work. Just transfer the powders to your reusable shaker bottles, use as directed, then watch the magic happen.  
  1. Fill.

    Add 16oz of water to your spray bottle.


  2. Pour.

    Pour in the refill powder.


  3. Swirl.

    Gently swirl to dissolve powder.


  4. Toss.

    Toss sachet in toilet. Pat self on back.


Scoop-a-Doop - 100% Goodness. No Fillers.

Powdered formulas powered with a tiny little dose. Just one tablespoon gives you sparkling dishes or spotless laundry. PLUS: Our bio-based packaging is 100% compostable. Even at home!  

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