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Our Products

Our formulas are biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based, and naturally derived. Just the good stuff.

Our Products DO NOT Contain:

Bath & Body Products by The Better World Company


Bath & Body - Refills and Dispensers

We’ve brought you our own line of expertly formulated products that work amazingly well while staying gentle on your body and getting a big thumbs up from Mother Nature. All our bath & body products are made locally, too! You never knew natural could be so good!

Household Cleaners by The Better World Company



Cleaning Refills

Dirt doesn’t stand a chance! When you choose from the full lineup of household cleaners by The Better World Company you can rest easy knowing we’ve packed a powerful dirt-destroying punch into every drop, without using any of the toxic yuck that you want to keep away from yourself, your kids, or your pets. Our cleaners are made locally and are friendly to the planet, so we’re giving the earth a big hug too.


Our dispensers make refills even easier. When you receive a refill, just remove the cap and put the dispenser on top. BOOM! All set. No pouring, no pumping, no spilling, no mess, no waste. Plus, they look totally sleek and really tie a room together.

Body Line DispensersCleaner DispensersBath Line Dispensers


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