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Dishwasher Detergent
Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher Detergent

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We did it! Finally, a natural dishwasher detergent that gives gnarly, stuck-on food the brush-off, without leaving water spots, film, or a cloudy residue. Gobs of hungry enzymes let Mother Nature do the cleaning without all those gross chemicals. The sparkle is overwhelming, so don't look directly into your dishwasher after the cycle. For best results, scrape (don't scrub) your dishes before loading, no need to pre-wash!

One bag contains enough detergent to wash 50 loads. We don't use fillers like those MegaCorp brands, so we look small but we're all kinds of mighty. It's a lotta clean dishes in a tiny little package.

Speaking of packaging...we tried really hard to find the absolute best. This stuff is bio-based and 100% compostable. Certifications include ASTM D6400, EN13432, BPI, and TUV OK compost HOME. All components are safe for at-home composting, but time to fully decompose will vary based on your unique conditions. We recommend a quick rinse of the empty bag before composting.

Dosage: 1 Tablespoon per load.

Made WITHOUT: parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors or fragrances, ethoxylated alcohols, phosphates, chlorine, petroleum based solvents, polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG), EDTA, BHA, BHT, MEA/DEA/TEA.

Ingredients: sodium citrate, sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium sulfate, modified fatty alcohol polyglycol ether, sodium metasilicate, carboxymethyl inulin, protease/amylase enzyme blend, lauryl glucoside

We're constantly working to improve our formulas, and our ingredients may change occasionally. We update the listing here as soon as possible, but you can always find the exact ingredients in the product you received on the actual product packaging or the packing slip that came with your delivery.

SAFETY BLURB! Our products are earth friendly and awesome, but they taste terrible and this one will definitely irritate your eyes. If ingested, rinse mouth then drink plenty of water. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water. Call a physician in either case. If on skin, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children/pets, use as directed, and all that jazz…

Net Weight: 26 oz / .74 kg


Always get the right dose with this 1 Tablespoon scoop. Mega-bonus: a convenient clip to secure it right to the bag so it never disappears.