How It Works

Reusable bottles. Infinite refills. Clean hearts and a good night's sleep.

Powder to Foam

Household essentials shipped to you without the water. Sprinkle the dry powder as directed, and watch the magic happen.

Mix at Home

A concentrated sachet of unbelievable cleaning power. Just add (to) water, swirl, and spray the grime away.


One Tablespoon is all it takes for sparkling dishes, spotless laundry, and a wicked high five from Mother Nature.

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Why Better World?

  • No Junky Stuff

    Biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based, naturally derived ingredients.

  • Blow-Your-Mind Packaging

    Home compostable? Check. DISSOLVABLE??? Oh, yeah. We got that too.

  • Shrink That Footprint

    Waterless products mean less impact on the planet. Don't be so heavy, dude.

  • Amazingly Effective

    Formulas that do their jobs. And do them well. Seriously.

Our Mission

We're here to end the destructive stream of single-use plastic, but we can't do it without you. Thank you for joining us!

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