How It Works

Reusable bottles. Infinite refills. All your favorite household products in plastic-free packaging.

Powder to Foam

Hand Soap and Dish Soap shipped to you without the water. Sprinkle the dry powder as directed, and watch the magic happen.

Mix at Home

Spray cleaners made with a concentrated sachet of unbelievable cleaning power. Just add (to) water, swirl, and spray the grime away.


One Tablespoon is all it takes for sparkling dishes, spotless laundry, and a wicked high five from Mother Nature.

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Why Better World?

  • No Junky Stuff

    Biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based, naturally derived ingredients.

  • Blow-Your-Mind Packaging

    Bio-based? Check. Compostable? Check. Home compostable? Oh yeah, that too.

  • Shrink That Footprint

    Waterless products mean less impact on the planet. Don't be so heavy, dude.

  • Amazingly Effective

    Formulas that do their jobs. And do them well. Seriously.

Our Mission

We're here to end the destructive stream of single-use plastic, but we can't do it without you. Thank you for joining us!

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