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So what’s all this then?

Take a look around your house.  In your kitchen. In your bathroom. In your pantry and laundry room.  Notice a common theme? How about all the plastic bottles that hold those cleaners, detergents, soaps, and other bath and body products? We want to put an end to all that by bringing you environmentally friendly products (that actually work) in reusable bottles that we pickup, clean, refill, and deliver back to you. All for about what you’d pay at the store. No plastic waste, more time to spend on things you care about. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?


This seems too good to be true. Are you really zero waste?

Because we've created our own formulas and manufacture them locally, we're able to utilize a closed loop cycle that recovers and reuses almost all the containers and packaging within our entire production and distribution system.  We manufacture locally, and we also manufacture in bulk (like the size of a small car...seriously), so we don't rely on shipments from far off companies in small plastic jugs that we then have to dispose of in some way. We take on the burden of product packaging instead of forcing you to figure it out. It's as close to Mega-Awesome as we know how to be. 


I'm outside your delivery area, why won’t you deliver to me?

Two of our main goals at The Better World Company are keeping prices affordable for our customers and minimizing our impact on the planet.  We accomplish this in part by ensuring our delivery areas are densely packed with subscribers. By doing so our routes can remain highly efficient – which means faster deliveries, lower prices, and less fossil fuel usage. But don’t fret if you're not in our current delivery area – when we have enough people request deliveries in a particular area or office building we’ll make it a regular stop.  So tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to let us know where we should go next!


Can you just ship me the products?

Since a big part of our sustainability model is the pickup and reuse of the refill bottles we don’t ship anything at the moment, but stay tuned for updates as we research options to expand our reach.


Can I pick up an order from your warehouse?

We evaluate these requests on a case by case basis, but it's definitely possible. Drop us a line here to tell us what you'd like to order and any other relevant details of your situation.


Do I have to buy the dispensers?

Absolutely not! We highly encourage you to reuse whatever containers you already have. Some folks have them already, but some don't. Other folks are just ready to get rid of those old plastic bottles forever. We offer them as a way to make everyone's zero waste journey a little more convenient.


Why do you sell empty dispensers?

A few reasons. First, it makes the refill process so much easier. You won't have to pour your refill into another container - just switch the dispenser top on your empty bottle with the cap on the full refill bottle. No pouring, no spilling, no mess, no waste! Also, when you do your refills this way, you’ll always have an empty bottle ready to return and never have to worry about what to do with that last little bit of product before your delivery day. Plus, they look totally awesome.


Do I have to create a subscription?

No way! But once you do we’ll remind you what’s coming and when, and you can change it up or delay certain products anytime you want. We also think it’s a great way to make some brain space available for things you’d rather think about.  Like fresh powder. Or live music. Or french fries. Or [insert fun activity or yummy thing here]. You get the point. 


Hey, I recycle.  Isn’t that enough?

We love recycling, keep it up! But the majority of the carbon impact from plastic comes from the manufacturing process, and most plastic packaging can only be recycled once. Almost all plastic bottles are ‘downcycled’ into other materials, meaning most bottles are made from new plastic, and once that plastic is produced it remains in our environment FOR-EV-ER (as far as we mortal humans are concerned). Because it takes so much energy and water for bottle to bottle recycling, a bottle made from recycled plastic shares 90% of the carbon impact of a bottle made from virgin plastic.  Plus, collection efforts just can’t keep up with production – only 14% of all plastic packaging materials gets recycled – so we think preventing waste before it’s created is a much better alternative.


Are your products really safe?

Everyone defines "safe" differently, so our philosophy is simple: complete transparency. We list every single ingredient in our products so you can make a decision that's best for you. If you just want someone to give it to you straight, know this - we don't use any ingredient that you wouldn't find in the brands on the shelf at your local natural grocery store (you know the ones we're talking about). We won't say that we're "safer" than most of them, but there are dozens of ingredients they think are ok that we decided just weren't worth the risk. One of our core values is using friendly ingredients that minimize harm to people, animals, soil, air, and water. We've put in a ton of work getting to where we are today. We think we've done a pretty darn good job, but please, take a look and decide for yourself.