So what’s all this then?

Take a look around your house. In your kitchen. In your bathroom. In your pantry and laundry room. Notice a common theme? How about all the plastic bottles that hold those cleaners, detergents, soaps, and other bath and body products? We want to put an end to all that by bringing you environmentally friendly products (that actually work) in low-impact, zero waste packaging that allows you to reuse your bottles over and over again (or takes the bottles out of the equation altogether). All for about what you’d pay at the store, and without leaving your home. No plastic waste, more time to spend on things you care about. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?



Our Products

Why waterless?

Big time savings on climate impact, for starters. Our powders are ultra-light and ultra concentrated, so we only have to account for the smallest amount of shipping impact as possible. Why ship water when you can handle that on your own at home?

Also, without water we are able to reduce or eliminate the need for certain types of preservatives, some of which can be downright nasty and extremely hard to pronounce.

Where do you list your ingredients?

You can find a complete list of ingredients on each product page by clicking on the ‘Ingredients’ tab. Our motto is “No Junky Stuff”, so you can rest easy knowing we don’t use parabens, phthalates, phosphates, synthetic colors or fragrances, phenoxyethanol, polysorbates, dimethicone or other silicones, polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG), EDTA, BHA, BHT, or MEA/DEA/TEA (ethanolamines).

Are your products vegan?

Yes! We don’t use any ingredients derived from animals or animal byproducts.

Are your products fragrance-free?

In order to appeal to the widest possible audience, most of our products have been intentionally formulated without any added scent or fragrance. We are looking to add scented versions down the line, so stay tuned for updates!

Are your products gluten-free?

None of our products contain gluten, but some ingredients may be manufactured in facilities that also process wheat.

Are your products organic?

The vast majority of our ingredients are minerals or other substances that are not agricultural products so they cannot be certified organic. For the few that are agricultural products we strive to buy organic whenever possible (and will list them as such on our ingredient lists), but we have not sought any official organic certifications.

Is the laundry detergent HE (High Efficiency) compatible?


Are there surfaces the spray cleaners shouldn’t be used on?

We always recommend testing the spray cleaners for compatibility on a small patch of surface prior to use, but a few things we know for sure is that none of them should be used on unsealed stone, and the Bathroom Cleaner should NOT be used on marble! The pH of the bathroom cleaner will cause pitting on marble surfaces. 

Are your products really safe?

Everyone defines "safe" differently, so our philosophy is simple: complete transparency. We list every single ingredient in our products so you can make a decision that's best for you. If you just want someone to give it to you straight, know this - we don't use any ingredient that you wouldn't find in the brands on the shelf at your local big-box natural grocery store (you know the ones we're talking about).

We won't say that we're "safer" than most of them, but there are dozens of ingredients they think are ok that we decided just weren't worth the risk. One of our core values is using earth-friendly ingredients that minimize harm to people, animals, soil, air, and water. They will always be readily biodegradable, non-toxic, plant based, and naturally derived. We've put in a ton of work getting to where we are today. We think we've done a pretty darn good job, but please, take a look and decide for yourself.


How It Works

Where do I start?

If it’s your first time ordering from us, we suggest you take a look at the Bundles first. These are specially curated collections of products (refills and dispensers) that will help you outfit your whole home with just a few clicks. 

You can also build your own collection by ordering Starter Packs. Each Starter Pack also comes with a refill and a dispenser (but only for a single product), which allows you to customize your order as you see fit. Dispensers are totally optional, but look pretty rad and were specifically sourced to work smashingly with each product.

If you don't need dispensers or are ready to reorder just head over to the Refills page and order from there. You can always add more Starter Packs if you want to add another product to your lineup down the road.

How do I use your products?

We have a few different ways to help you go Zero Waste. You can also find more detailed instructions for each product on their individual product pages, but here’s a quick rundown.

  1. Powder to Foam (Dish Soap and Hand Soap) - simply transfer the powder to your shaker bottle and sprinkle as directed. So magical!
  2. Mix at Home (Spray Cleaners) - fill your spray bottle with 16oz of water, add the powder, then gently swirl to dissolve. Boom, all done!
  3. Scoop-a-Doop (Laundry and Dishwasher Detergents) - just add one tablespoon of powder to your machine and press start. Go time!

Do I have to buy the dispensers?

Absolutely not! We highly encourage you to reuse whatever containers, pumps, scoops, bottles, or sprayers you already have. Some folks have them already, but some don't. Other folks are just ready to get rid of those old junky bottles forever. We offer them as a way to make everyone's zero waste journey a little more stylish and convenient. 

So I bought the dispensers, but they're getting dirty. What's up with that?

Ok maybe we can't do EVERYTHING. Yes, gunk will build up; stuff will stick around. Just like anything else you don't throw away, you'll need to show them a little love once in a while. We recommend thoroughly rinsing and flushing your bottles, caps, and sprayers with hot water in between each refill. This will help ensure they function properly and that the product you're using is so fresh and so clean.

What are your shipping policies?

We ship anywhere within the United States using the United States Postal Service. We believe in the mission of the USPS and want to support it as a public entity. We also believe that we can lower our shipping impacts by limiting our deliveries to the USPS because of the greater likelihood that the carriers would be visiting your residence to deliver other mail that day anyway. Although we do limit your choice of carrier, there are several options to choose from with regard to speed of delivery.

Hey, I recycle.  Isn’t that enough?

We love recycling, keep it up! But the majority of the carbon impact from plastic comes from the manufacturing process, and most plastic packaging can only be recycled once. Almost all plastic bottles are ‘downcycled’ into other materials, meaning most bottles are made from new plastic, and once that plastic is produced it remains in our environment FOR-EV-ER (as far as we mortal humans are concerned). Because it takes so much energy and water for bottle to bottle recycling, a bottle made from recycled plastic shares 90% of the carbon impact of a bottle made from virgin plastic.  Plus, collection efforts just can’t keep up with production – only 14% of all plastic packaging materials gets recycled – so we think preventing waste before it’s created is a much better alternative.

Other Stuff

How do I dispose of your product packaging?

Our white paper sachets are water soluble and completely biodegradable. Simply toss them in the toilet where they will dissolve and natural biological processes will return them to their basic constituent elements.

Our stand-up pouches (and labels) are bio-based and compostable, even at home. Certifications include ASTM D6400, EN13432, BPI, and TUV OK compost HOME. All components are safe for at-home composting, but time to fully decompose will vary based on your unique conditions (climate, green/brown mix, air circulation, water content, etc.). They are not made from PLA (which is industrial compost only), hence the greater viability for home compost. We recommend a quick rinse of the empty pouches before composting.

Should the need ever arise, all of our dispenser materials are curbside recyclable.

What’s the deal with your shipping materials?

All of our shipping materials are 100% plastic free and curbside recyclable, even the tape to seal those boxes and the backing from our shipping labels!

Almost everything we use to ship is made from 100% recycled material, except the aforementioned packing tape and the actual shipping labels. We still think that's a pretty good batting average...

You say your shipping is carbon neutral. How does that work?

First we calculate the carbon emissions caused by shipping our products using a standardized algorithm that accounts for the weight of each package, the distance it must travel, and the method used to get it there (plane, truck, boat, hot air balloon, etc.). We've partnered with Pachama to offset those emissions by contributing the corresponding portion of our revenue to carbon reduction and forest restoration projects.