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Glass Cleaner - Refill

Glass Cleaner - Refill

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This one took a little extra effort in the lab, but we finally nailed the mix-at-home powder concentrate version of our oh-so-popular liquid glass cleaner. Just as good a the original, with an awesome packaging update.

Mirrors - check. Windows - check. Chrome - check. Glass tables or your prized figurines - check. Get back that streak-free shine on whatever has smudges, smears, fingerprints, noseprints, or just a lot of dust.

Now available as an individual refill sachet which makes 16 fluid ounces of cleaner, or a bulk pouch which makes 1 gallon (equivalent to 8 bottles).

Net Weight: .1oz / 3g or .85oz / 24g


Sodium citrate, cocamidopropyl betaine, carboxymethyl inulin, sodium gluconate, sodium carbonate


Speaking of packaging...we tried really hard to find the absolute best. This stuff is bio-based and 100% compostable, even at home! Certifications include ASTM D6400, EN13432, and BPI. All components are safe for at-home composting (including the labels and their adhesive backing), but time to fully decompose will vary based on your unique conditions. We recommend a quick rinse of the empty sachet before composting.

No compost? No problem! Click here to find the FAQ about our pouch return program.

Pro Tips

PRO TIP #1: To avoid extreme volcanic foaming action - add water first, then powder!

PRO TIP #2: A funnel may be helpful.

PRO TIP #3: Stir or swirl to dissolve powder. DO NOT SHAKE.

PRO TIP #4: When powder is completely dissolved swirl gently again to completely disperse all ingredients.

PRO TIP #5: Test on a small patch of the surface you want to clean to ensure compatibility.

Safety/Other Info

SAFETY BLURB! Our products are earth friendly and awesome, but they make terrible cocktails and will definitely irritate your eyes. Do not eat (yes, we said that). If ingested, drink plenty of water. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Call a physician in either case. If on skin, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children/pets, use as directed, and all that jazz…

Also FYI: We're constantly working to improve our formulas, and our ingredients may change occasionally. We update the listing here as soon as possible, but you can always find the exact ingredients in the product you received on the actual product packaging or the packing slip that came with your delivery.

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  • Fill.

    Fill your Better World spray bottle with 16oz of water (warm dissolves faster, but isn't absolutely necessary).

  • Pour.

    Snip the corner of the refill pouch and pour entire contents into bottle. A funnel may be helpful.

  • Swirl.

    Firmly reattach nozzle and gently swirl. DO NOT SHAKE! Be patient. The powder will dissolve eventually.